Pet hotel (price per day)

Maltese, Westy, Dachshund 17,00
Cocker Spaniel, Beagle     17,50
Schapendoes, Staby 18,00
Retriever, Shepherd, Boxer 19,00
Dog, Mastiff 20,00
Cat, short hair   11,50
Cat, long hair 12,00

All above mentioned day-rates are based on your pet’s size and/or the extend of care needed.                        



Small dog  16,50
Medium sized dog 17,50
Large dog/long hair     18,50
Extremely large dog 20,50


Medical fund

Medical fund per day 1,50
Maximum compensation Medical fund 500,-
Cancellation insurance 6%
Administration fee 27,50


Grooming salon

Per hour 39,-


All prices are in € including VAT (21%)

Changes in pricing reserved