Pet hotel (price per day)

Maltese, Westy, Dachshund 16,50
Cocker Spaniel, Beagle     17,00
Schapendoes, Staby 17,50
Retriever, Shepherd, Boxer 18,50
Dog, Mastiff 19,50
Cat, short hair   11,-
Cat, long hair 11,50

All abovementioned day-rates are based on your pet’s size and/or the extend of care needed.                        



Small dog  15,50
Medium sized dog 16,50
Large dog/long hair     17,50
Extremely large dog 19,50


Medical fund

Medical fund per day 1,20
Maximum compensation Medical fund 500,-
Cancellation insurance 4%
Administration fee 27,50


Grooming salon

Per hour 37,-


All prices are in € including VAT (21%)

Changes in pricing reserved