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Terms of use DierDorado® website

Visiting and looking into this website are covered by our terms of use and all applicable laws. By visiting and looking into our website you accept our terms of use as described below, without limitation or exclusion.


Privacy statement

You can visit our website without disclosing your identity or providing any information about yourself. However, situations can occur in which we need information -for instance- to communicate with you or make a reservation or appointment. This website counts its number of visitors, which site they are from and via which provider they access the internet. These results are merely used aggregated and are not used in a way that is traceable to individuals.

Collected data are not sold or disclosed to third parties, unless required by law. You can ask us at any time to delete your records.


Exclusion of liability

Information on this website is meant for personal use only. Such information is not legally binding. Typographical errors and changes are reserved. We do our utmost to keep the information on our website as accurate and complete as possible. DierDorado® accepts no responsibility to any damages occurred by the use of this website, or incomplete or incorrect information on our website.



Information and recommendations on our website can be changed without prior warning. We make an effort to make sure that our website is available, however we do not take responsibility for any effects occurred due to (temporary) unavailability.


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