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Changes and cancellation


up until 6 weeks prior to the arrival date you can change your reservation free of charge if the change is (at least partly) within the original booking period. Changes outside of those periods obviously depend on availability.

Cancellation: we will charge a € 27,50 administrative fee for cancellations up until 6 weeks prior to the arrival date. For cancellations within the 6 week time frame we charge the down payment.

If you participate in our cancellation insurance we will only charge you the insurance costs itself upon cancelling a reservation for reasons as described below. Your down payment will be refunded.


Cancellation insurance

covers the cost of the stay in case of sickness, an accident or death of:

  • the pet
  • the owner of the pet
  • one of the family members of the owner (in case of death also family in the first degree)

If you participate in the cancellation insurance, we will refund your down payment, minus the costs of the insurance itself. If such incident occurs during the stay, we will only charge the days your pet has actually stayed with us and refund the remaining days.

You can participate in the cancellation insurance from the moment you make the reservation until the receipt of the reservation confirmation. After that you can no longer change it. Any claims must be accompanied by relevant documentation.

Costs of the cancellation insurance: 6% of the rate.

Valid vaccinations: it’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure the pet has been given the mandatory vaccinations. In case of invalid or incorrect vaccinations we are obliged to cancel the reservation. With such cancellation the same rules apply as to a regular cancellation. However, claims to the cancellation insurance cannot be made.