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Grooming salon

You can bring your dog for a complete make-over or just a nail cut or a nice bath. A  complete make-over includes: washing, drying and grooming with a technique that best suites your dog. If necessary we’ll pluck and clean the ears, as well as cutting its nails. In short… your dog will be well taken care of and returned to you fully pampered. Only prebooked treatments. You can pay in cash or by debit card.


Any dog should regularly visit a grooming salon. Especially short-haired dogs can molt enormously! The same goes for some crossbreeds. Depending on the dog’s fur, the following techniques can be applied: shaving, cutting, thinning, plucking, stripping, washing, combing and/or brushing.

Most terrier breeds and Schnauzers for example, as well as all wirehaired dogs (including some crossbreeds) will be plucked if possible. With that technique the upper layer of dead hair is removed. This is done manually or by using a trimming knife. If not done, the dog could experience itching, with the resulting consequences.


Spaniels, Setters and Retrievers are being plucked to thin the fur and then treated with a special pair of scissors, followed by styling it to the agreed upon model. Other dogs’ furs are cut or shaved to the right model. Don’t hesitate to have your dog groomed during winter time., because dogs are affected more by humidity than cold and long hair takes longer to dry. Besides, dogs only lose body heat through their feet and mouth, so the fur concentration does not influence that.


Before taking your dog to the grooming salon:

  • Walk the dog thoroughly. It would be very unpleasant for him when he needs to relieve himself but can’t while standing on the grooming table;
  • Don’t bring in the dog with a full stomach;
  • If your dog suffers any medical condition and/or a contagious disease (such as kennel cough, ringworm et cetera) or is in heat, we would like to hear this in advance.


We charge an hourly rate of € 39,-. All prices include VAT (21%).