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Probationary period

If you have plans to trust us with your furry friend for an extended period of time, we would like to have him over for a probationary period prior to that. During this stay of at least 3 days (2 nights) we can determine if your cat is eating and drinking as it’s supposed to and uses the litter box. In short; does he feel at home? We’ll start with a small room with no other cats, so we can make sure that consumed food and water could only have been consumed by your cat. If this goes well, we’ll try to find him a friend and place him in a larger suite with other cats. It goes without saying that we will copy your cuddling habits!

When you plan to bring your cat during a school holiday, a probationary period is very strongly recommended. Since we find this as important as you do, we’ll only charge two of the three days.