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Reservation completed! Then what happens?



When we have confirmed your reservation by email, the countdown can start! Curious what happens when you have decided to hand the care of your dear friend over to us?

After parking your car, you bring in your leashed dog. Report at our reception desk at the main entrance; we’re expecting you!

We will go over all necessary details with you and will ask you for any particulars. We want to know if he -for instance- has any injuries or has been sick recently. We’re especially interested in any chronic diseases. We would like you to tell us about eating habits and possible allergies. We’ll ask additional and in-depth questions to ensure we have all relevant information. You have to bring the passport, always, at every stay. It is mandatory that we have it in our possession during the entire stay. You will however take back home any other items, such as the leash, to prevent it from getting lost. We kindly request you to leave as little items as possible with your dog, including baskets and blankets. Besides the fact that it might get lost or ruined, it could result into a fight between the dogs over ‘personal’ items.

We will then call one of our co-workers to take over your dog from you. This co-worker takes the dog to our kennel, while you remain in the reception area, because we want to prevent a reaction from your dog if you would be the one walking away. For the same reason we prefer you not accompanying your dog to our kennel.

Pretty much the same procedure applies to bringing in your cat. A co-worker will take over your cat (while still in the basket) and places him in one of the accommodations. You will then be handed your basket to take home with you.

Every dog and cat will have its own chart including all particulars. This chart will be placed in the accommodation with your pet and will remain with him during the stay. This way, all important information is easily accessible for all employees.

When you come to pick up your dog, you can report to our reception desk. After the administrative processing, the moment is finally there: we’ll go get your dog! This time you will accompany us to the kennel. One of our co-workers will release him and hugs and kisses will be yours! After all necessary cuddles we kindly ask you to leash your dog to ensure a safe walk to your car.

Upon collecting your cat you are kindly requested to bring the basket to our reception desk. A co-worker will collect it from you and will go and pick up your cat. As cats are more susceptible to stimuli we appreciate your waiting for your furry friend in our reception area. This will ascertain a peaceful and calm environment for all cats.